Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine Bears

We went to the Fortress of the Bear on Valentines Day!

 The Fortress of the Bear is a 10-15 minute drive from our house.  
I really should have taken some photos on the drive out there, 
Silver Bay is on one side and there are sheer rock faces on the other side.
It is breathtaking.
 The Fortress of the Bear accepts abandoned bear cubs and cares for
them until they are suitable for placement in a zoo.
 There were 3 bears in one arena and 2 bears in another.  
Our favorite was named Baloo, which Cliff loved, since the Jungle Book is one of his favorite movies.
 The kids and I were thrilled to see that Baloo could sign "more" and "all done" 
to his Bear Keeper just like we do at home!
 There were 3 teensy bear cubs that we had the unique privilege to see up close! 
We fed them apple wedges through the fence and marveled at the length of their 
claws that were longer than our fingers. 
 They have several other animals on-site including this huge pig, which the 
kids were fascinated by as they kept yelling "PIGGY!!" 
(I think they were scanning the surrounding area for Kermit.)
The turkeys and sled dogs were also beautiful and we got to see several eagles that were hanging around during the feeding of the bears as well!


Rhoda said...

Such a cute story! Love the details!

Virginia said...

Such fun. Thanks for sharing your day.

Karen Gibson said...


Emily Bradford Routon said...

Ruthann thinks Quinn and Ruby have really cool parents!

Miss G said...

Did you know there is a children's book called The Valentine's Bears? It is such a sweet and cute story! I highly recommend.

The Fortress of the Bears looks so different covered in snow! I love it! Yea for bears!! Soft spot for me for sure. Kelly