Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Frozen Fun

We live a block and a half from a great lake for skating, when the weather is right.
The weather is not often just right, but this week has been perfect.
On Saturday night Joanna & Jessica spent the night and we all 
walked down to the lake and pulled the twins around in a big red bucket we have.
We tied the dog leash to the handles and laughed and ran and ran and twirled
until we had worn ourselves silly.
I had oh so much fun shooting into the bright lights onto the dark lake
catching flare here and there as well as bright contrasty colors.
The moon.
Oh, the moon.
The kids can't get enough of the stars and moon these days.
They are always looking to the heavens.
We had the great fortune recently to have a private showing at a 
traveling planetarium exhibit that was in town last month
that my brother, Jack, was the curator for and ever since then,
the kids pretty much lose it every. time. they see the moon.
I'm catching the fever.
I yelped when I found Orion's belt in one of the photos below!
Cliff's always had the astronomy bug.
He had me bundled up staring into the sky in the back yard with him
on Friday night late after the kids were asleep when he 
had been out walking Rosie and he rushed in to
tell me that the Aurora Borealis putting on a show!
Cliff was tireless the other night running laps with the kids.
We popped corn when we got home which was 
a fun treat as well and is becoming a little tradition.
Its sweet to make traditions with our little family.


Virginia said...

This looks like so much fun! I love the pic of the twins in the tub. I'm so glad you took Jessica and Joanna. Great cousin time. Traditions...family memories....so important.

Miss G said...

SUCH fun! The first shot on the left is so fantastic! My favorite one EXCEPT Ruby's expression in the one to the right definitely makes it a contender!

David had a "moon phase" too and I loved it so! love YOU guys! Kelly