Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Last Laugh

Yesterday, a dear friend of ours came over with her children for a short visit here at our house.
She has a girl the twins' age and a six year old boy as well. 

 Ruby and the little girl, had fun looking at books and jumping on the bed together,
but her big brother was more awesome than Quinn could fathom. 
Cliff and I tried to play interference but he was a seasoned wrestler and Quinn was 
thwarted at every turn, playing victim to all manner of six year old atrocities.

Before our visit, I had given Quinn a graham cracker that was 
completely slathered in peanut butter, 
not knowing that our friends' little boy had a peanut allergy. 
Near the end of the play date, our friend sent her son out to wait for her in the car.
In a couple of minutes, he came back in saying, "mommy, my eyes are itching" 
as he closed the door, he glanced back at Quinn with one last incriminating look, declaring, 
"and his mouth smelled like peanut butter!"

Cliff responded by saying, "Maybe you're allergic to Mr. Quinn."

 As we imagined our [truly very sweet] 6 year old friend riding home
itching his little eyes we couldn't help but think that
Quinn got the last laugh with his super powered peanut butter mouth!

*No friends were harmed in the writing of this blogpost.  
Benadryl and an ice-cream cone, it has been reported, quickly took care of the itchy eyes.


Anonymous said...

The Mighty Quinn strikes again!


Aunt Rhoda said...

Maybe that's his super power! Great story, Mighty Quinn!

Adrian said...

great post! I laughed out loud at "victim to all manner of six year old atrocities"!

Miss G said...

that picture is priceless!!!

Lori said...

This is AWESOME!!!!!!