Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Muppets Party

Cliff and the twins had their birthday today!
We've all enjoyed watching the classic old Muppet Show episodes lately,
so we decided to have a party featuring the Muppets,
with special attention given to "KERMIE!"
Cliff has been teaching the kids to make a cheesy smile.
It cracks us up!
Auntie Jenn made a Rainbow Connection Fruit Tray and surprised us with 
vintage sheet music for our mantle display as well!
The balloons were a big hit with the sweeties.
Cliff went to SeaMart to have a bouquet of balloons made and helium filled 
(we ordered the mylar Muppets balloon online)
and after he placed his order and then went on to pick up a few odds and ends,
he came back to pay for the balloons only to find out that
 the kind young man that filled them for us had payed for them.
We didn't even know him.
Isn't that neat?
God blesses us at every turn.
The guests of honor wore kermit collars this year. 
Why not? 
I had a little too much fun turning these 3 thrifted silver platters into a 
tiered cupcake stand during nap time.  
I used hot glue to adhere the platters to the candlesticks. 
It held up well while in place and popped apart easily for clean-up after the party was over.
I made the jumbo sized chocolate cupcakes with creme de menthe frosting at Cliff's request.
Quinn was all about the cake!
We all laughed along with him all evening.
Ruby, on the other hand, kept a pretty tidy tray and we could 
tell that she was uncomfortable as she kept looking around and saying, "a mess."
One time I saw her look at Quinn's tray of cake crumbs and whisper, "a time out."
She has a very dear conscience which is something we are thankful for.
We pray that she will always be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in her.

Biscuits and Gravy was Cliff's meal of choice!
Ruby had to take a short break after opening the legos to lay down a drum beat for us.

The candle scared Ruby at first and we all felt for her!
She held her face in her hands and her cheeks turned red.
She is so darling.
We should have practiced ahead of time 
(as was recommended to us!)
but with our small family party, she was really surrounded by loved ones that sympathized.
We ended up lighting the candles multiple times
and she got the hang of it and eventually loved it!
Cousin Jessica had fun reading and playing with the kids.
Quinn blew out his candles and enjoyed it very much.
He did more playing with his cake than eating it.
He was so enthusiastic throughout the evening and is such a joy!
God has so blessed him with a playful heart.
There was always lots of cheering after the candles were blown out!
Uncle Jack made the kids' favorite Green "Smoonies" with his new Vitamix and we all loved them!
No party is complete without chocolate!
In honor of Cliff we had a chocolate dipping station.
Chocolate dipped Bacon was fantastic!
We also made yummy chocolate dipped Earl Gray Tea cookies.
I am so thankful for these three members of my family that all share the same birthday!
And thankful for those who celebrated with us both near and far.


Miss G said...

LOVE this post! Ruby gets more and more beautiful by the day and I love the cheesy grin! That little Quinn is such a man. I loved the glimpses you gave into each of their personalities and I CAN'T wait to get to know them better in person!

I thought the tea cookies were perhaps the rosemary cookies you brought for our wedding (and I accidentally just typed rosemarry!) :)

So glad you all had a fun and happy birthday and party! Love the fruit rainbow and the chocolate dipping station and hello, chocolate cupcakes with mint - one of our favorites!! and the collars and the cupcake stand and of course that glue gun! :)

love you all!! Kelly

Auntie Rhoda said...

There is so much about this blog entry. I'll have to write more in a personal note. I always love the details. Ruby's whispering. The frof collars. Cheesy smiles. The healthy rainbow. Candle fears. Quinn's laughter. Q's messiness and R's neatness(I would have guessed the opposite!). And the bacon tray!! I, too, like bacon and chocolate. We must be related. Miss all of you so, so much. ❤ Such great parents!!!

Rhoda said...

(frog not frof)

Karen said...

What an adorable party. I didn't realize Cliff shared a birthday with R and Q. How special!! 6

Lori said...

GREAT photos!!