Tuesday, July 23, 2013

National Cousin Day 2013

July 24th is National Cousin Day!
Quentin & Ruby have AWESOME cousins!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Cousins Reid, Ty (can you see him in the gilly suit?) and Megan 
made our sweet bees first Halloween spook-tacular!

Cousin Mark Daniel & Mr. Q

Cousin Meg, my brother's daughter, is only 2 months older than the twins.

Cousin Joy has her arms full!

Feeding the twins early on was quite a trick using pillows to prop them up!  
Thanks, Cousin Jojo!

Haines cousins, plus Jess and the twins!

Carter and Quinn

Jessica feeds and cuddles the babies twin-style

Buddy sneaks in some sweet time with Q at nana's retirement luncheon at Purdue.

Ty, Megan & Reid love the babies so much.

So thankful that cousin John had an open period at school this past year and 
that he made it a priority in his busy schedule to come spend most of them 
at our house with the twins.  

Reid likes to get frequent text updates on how the twins are doing. 
He often texts and asks for pictures!  

Channel Club dinner with 7 cousins

Sweetie Cousin Megan with both babies

     Krystal with Quentin - those two hit it off!

My cousin Tami made her first trip to Sitka this spring!

We were so thankful to be with Grandma Rene in this picture at Cousin Ben's wedding reception, thanks for taking the photo cousin Reid!

I love this photo of cousin Krystal feeding baby Quentin

It has been a joy keeping in touch long distance with Cousins Clint & Leslie as they raise 
Baby Johnny who was born exactly 7 days after our twins.


Anonymous said...

Fun pictures! Our kids are rich in cousins aren't they? What a cute bunch! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Jenn/JB

Virginia said...

What a cute post honoring all the cousins!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Happy National Cousin Day!!! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! :) Leslie

Miss G said...

Who knew about national cousins day??? So fun! Kelly

Karen Gibson said...

Wow! Cousins abound in your family. What blessings! Is it too late for a Independence Day postcard? I'm just catching up after a whirlwind July.