Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 Easter

Our Easter was very sweet this year! How wonderful to celebrate our Risen Savior with family!
The children are blessed BIG TIME to be in a Bible Class at church with a 
dedicated and loving teacher, Mrs Celeste.  
She is unfailingly kind to the children and teaches them about 
God {so big, so strong & so mighty} and 
His creation in such an age appropriate way.  
Quentin and Ruby *LOVE*  Bible Class as well
as their friends that attend with them every week.  
We praise God for our church family.
I also feel fortunate to serve as the teacher-aide in 
the 2 year old class and always learn something myself.
 These Buster Brown shoes that Quinn is sporting on Easter were once his Father's.  Aaaahhh...
Nana gave Ruby her gold cross necklace.
The twins love each other and love {to pat} their Bibles.
We pray that their love of God's Word will continue to grow throughout their lives!


Anonymous said...

So cute! It's fun to see the pictures, especially of the family all together and the ones in class!


P.S. First to comment...again!

Rhoda said...

Precious family. I thought it was so fun to take a peek into their Sunday School world. It was so fun to see them being social with friends. They are both blossoming and maturing. Of course all of the other pictures are beautiful, and I always love the details in your comments. Love you!

Karen Gibson said...

Love all of these pictures. I like the way you match Quentin and Cliff matches Ruby. Love the Bible class photos. The picture with their little Bibles is priceless and oh, how I love their shoes. My sweet niece, Jenny, is pregnant with twins and this gives me a glimpse of what the next few years is going to look like.

Virginia said...

What special pictures! Your blog is always such fun to read. Your family picture is great, but my favorite is the last picture of Quinn and Ruby. Their personalities sure show in that one.

Anonymous said...

Ruby was too much cute in her Easter bonnet that day, and Q was really working his "jazz hands" during the photo shoot haha. There's no business like show business! Thanks for capturing some great family memories, Betty.
-Daddy Cliff