Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Appy Birthday 2013

I had a great Birthday this week! 
Here are a few moments that were 
captured & edited on family phones!
Cliff, Betty, Mr. Quinn & Ruby Baby at Cliff's Baseball game.
Edited using the Camera+ iphone app.

Pizza Party at the Ballpark, with Jack, Jennifer, Jessica & Joanna.
we got to watch Cliff play under the lights!
Edited with the Camera+ Iphone app

Rhoda's quilt still cozy after 20 years!
These photos were made into a collage using my pic stitch iphone app.
Joanna and Ruby!
Jennifer took this photo and edited it with the 
Rhonna iphone app.
Quinn & Ruby have really enjoyed their little wading pool this summer!
Our neighbor gave it to us and after cleaning it up and duct taping the tiny holes it has been a hit!
We've had such mild warm weather that has been a blessing for 2-3 months now.
I added the text and border using the Typic Pro iphone app.


Anonymous said...

Good pics! It's cute to think about you being Q and R's age just a few years ago. 😊


Karen Gibson said...

Happy Appy Birthday.

Miss G said...

I know you are probably tired of hearing me say it but I can't quit. Every picture I see of your hair lately I just love it so much.

I can't believe you've had such pool friendly weather!! So fun! kelly

JSH said...

Love those girly curls! It cracks me up that she has so much more hair than Quinn! Happy belated birthday.

Sandi said...

Love all of your latest posts, and happy late birthday, friend!